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Our Readers Support us And Help This Site Exists

The policy of this web service is natural for all websites of this sphere and trend. The site holds information about various VPN services, teaches its readers how to use them, and posts the latest news of this sphere.

We do not cooperate with any service presented here neither directly nor secretly. VPN-lab do not sign advertising contracts and do not suggest advertising options of any means. We work on the affiliate bases. It means that we get money for the links followed by our readers. However, we do not make the readers follow one or another particular link.

All information and reviews present on the site are created by a team of professionals. Though the section of customer reviews has not been implemented yet, our reviews are not biased and are not aimed to disgrace or mark out a particular VPN service.

Why Do We Apply Affiliate Links?

Obviously, the maintenance and stable performance of any site require funding. The team has made a decision to apply the most reader-friendly way. Affiliate links let this site do without advertising and pop-up messages.

Do Our Readers Have to Pay For Anything?

No. All the information on the current website is presented on a freeware basis. Readers do not pay for following the affiliate links as well.

Does Affiliate Linking Affect The Reviews?

Disclaimer: all reviews and opinions are subjective. Even if they are made by unbiased professionals. We do not guarantee that the impression of our readers will coincide with the personal unbiased opinion of our team.

We conduct our testing in equal condition for every site. Here is a brief list of the test stages:

  • Netflix compatibility;
  • Speed test of the servers of a VPN service;
  • We check the history, legal information, and reputation of the VPN service;
  • We check the privacy policy and terms of the VPN service;
  • Application usability test;
  • Torrenting test;
  • Customer support test.

Why Do We Inform You?

The main purpose of this site is the convenience of our readers. It cannot be complete without trust. So, our team does everything possible to make this site transparent and honest. That is why our readers have a right to know about our funding resources.