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PureVPN Review


  • Split virtual tunneling (separate tunneling)
  • PPTP, internet protocol security
  • Affordable cost
  • Works on multiple devices at the same time
  • Wide range of supported OS and devices


  • Small number of server locations
Price: $10.95 a month
Good for:

Technical Features

  • Max devices supported: 5
  • Number of IP addresses: 3000
  • Number of servers: 2000
  • Number of server locations: 180

First of all, let us see, why and in which cases you might need a VPN or Virtual Private Network, service. Further on in the PureVPN review, you will get to know what advantages offers particularly this service.

Each time you go online you make some of your private information open. It can be accessed by scammers, cyber-criminals, and other cybersecurity threats that would like to become richer by tricking you. As well, this is the right service, if you need to access content that is not available in your country. It not only protects your information, but it makes it invisible, not accessible for monitoring or tracking.

Different people use this option for different purposes. Some believe VPNs are needed only to watch the content that is restricted to particular countries. For others, such a service is a way to communicate with the world and to be in social networks, such as it happens in the case with Chinese citizens.

What Is PureVPN: A Complete PureVPN Review

This is a private network that offers a great selection of features. This PureVPN review aims to find out why one might need such kind of online protection. Just a couple of samples: you want to watch Netflix content, but you don’t live in the USA.

What should you do? Use this kind of service, it will make you look as if you logged in from the USA. Or what about security issues that endanger your privacy, data, your anonymity when you need to keep it? This service solves all those issues, because its secure server makes you practically invisible, whether in Google or in any other app, website, or whatever else.

PureVPN Pros

You would definitely want to know what advantages PureVPN has. Here are some advantages that distinguish PureVPN services form any other similar solution.

  • The service had servers in many countries.
  • It provides a dedicated IP, upon your request.
  • Split tunneling is at your service.
  • Five simultaneous connections are available, it means, you can get 5 times more content.
  • Can be used with any device working on all OSs: Android, Windows, iOS, for a PC, Mac or any other device. You can access the wished content through any browser, however, Chrome is the most popular.
  • PPTP, internet protocol security.
  • The provider offers its services to users for a very low price. The full set of VPN features costs a couple of dollars per month, depending on the plan that a customer selects.

PureVPN Cons

No service is perfect. Pure  VPN has its disadvantages, as well. Here is the list of the most significant of them:

  • The connection speed is about 48.22 Mbit/s, which is lower than average.
  • DNS leaks are happening, even though that doesn’t happen so frequently
  • IP leaks are happening as well. This is a significant disadvantage, because if you can see the real IP, then, there is no sense in this kind of protection.

Privacy and Safety Online

The main target of any VPN is to provide its users with all security options if one connects to the internet: secure browsing with appropriate speed, professional support, encryption to protect your data, and so on. For that, this provider applies a technology called Kill Switch. However, one more technology used to protect personal data or data about the location, called obfuscation, is not available, as well as self-hosted DNS.

The service uses a number of encryption tools, that protect the main identity data of users. However, some people in their reviews share, that the service informs you if you have used all bandwidth available for your case. VPN should provide anonymous browsing experience. So, it is strange that the company stores such as important information.

Logs and Servers

PureVPN has more than 700 servers in more than 140 countries:

  • Canada
  • France
  • Denmark
  • the Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • the United Kingdom
  • and many others

To connect to a particular service, you need to select a server location first. You should have not a single problem with it, because all the process is simple, and user-friendly interface and settings make it simple to use the service even for a complete beginner.

PureVPN Support

Whenever the server doesn’t connect, or the log time isn’t fast enough, or the stream doesn’t work, or your mobile doesn’t accept the network, or the server in the needed country is down – in all cases, whatever issue arises, you are free to contact the support service. An agent is there to provide the needed answers about the product, its work, to solve any issues that you might face. Drop them a message to their e-mail address or call them. A helpful support agent will respond to all your questions.

If your issue is not from the rarest ones, you can look for a solution in an FAQ section. There you might find the topic that you want to check: logs, extensions, logging issues, versions compatibility, consoles, traffic, and so on. A client that checks the information that is already available is a smart client. If you need some information on more popular topics, such as copyright policy, offers, just click on the link leading to the needed section.


One of the key features to look out for in any VPN is its speed and PureVPN gives a good account of itself.  From our daytime test using a 600Mbps US connection, we found out PureVPN has an impressive speed of 190-250 Mbps. The excellent speed of PureVPN ranks it among the fastest VPNs. Also, PureVPN averages about 64-65 Mbps daily when used with 75 Mbps UK line.

Kill Switch

PureVPN features a kill switch for various platforms where the VPN is used. PureVPN works perfectly on PureVPN Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. PureVPN ensures your cover is not blown with the kill switch feature.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is designed to help you chose which internet traffic you intend to encrypt using VPNs as the encrypted file is going to your ISP directly. PureVPN offers you a split tunneling feature on your devices such as Windows and Android.

PureVPN Encryption

Strong encryption will help protect data and web privacy depending on the type of VPN used. PureVPN has very strong encryption that makes it impossible for external people to access your data. PureVPN uses AES-256 for data encryption which is secure and strong.

PureVPN: The setup

You have five various options to choose from when it comes to the PureVPN setup. The list of options available when you use PureVPN include:

  • Stream
  • Security
  • File Sharing,
  • Internet Freedom,
  • Privacy and Remote/Dedi IP).

Using different options, your upload and download will experience a much lower rate at a much slower speed compared to the Stream mode.

Streaming and Torrenting

When it comes to torrenting experience, a VPN service should be secure enough to make this option available. Many users note, that PureVPN is among the best providers when it comes to torrenting. It hides your torrenting activity completely, allows easy and unlimited download even of huge files, such as apps, and you can even share them. The torrenting app installation is simple and fast, and the service performance is great.

While streaming with PureVPN, you will be able to access many libraries with ease and unblock Disney+, which most people regard as a difficult site to access. You will get decent download speed while using PureVPN for streaming.

PureVPN Verdict

If you need more anonymity and safety online, you should check options and compare them. PureVPN is a good service, but not really the best one.


Does PureVPN work in China?

PureVPN perfectly works in China as Chinese residents can enjoy the wonderful benefits of using PureVPN download China.

Can I try PureVPN for free?

Yes, you can try PureVPN for free as it offers a free trial to new users or those that are not decided on the right VPN to purchase. Aside from the free trial, you also get a 31-day money-back guarantee from PureVPN download.



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