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Hotspot Shield VPN Review

Hotspot Shield VPN
Price: $ 2.99 a month


  • 45 -day money-back guarantee
  • Connects up to 5 devices
  • Torrenting is allowed
  • Fast download speed
  • Smooth app for Win & Mac
  • Works with Netflix


  • Catapult Hydra protocol only
Best VPN for
Technical Features
Max. devices supported: 5 Number of IP addresses:
Number of servers: Number of server locations: 70

Our world is moving more & more into the information field. Information possesses the world, the most successful ones own it. That is why the information security industry is beginning to actively grow. Large companies are interested in IT security specialists, but users apply VPN. To understand how to protect personal data, let’s learn about the best VPN services.

How to Choose

The technology of protecting personal data on the Internet is a serious challenge. However, only the VPN helps hide its IP address, encrypt traffic. A VPN server provides the following options:

  • Being anonymous on the Internet (all your actions are recorded by the ISP).
  • Сhanging the IP address to unlock inaccessible content in your country. (For example, censorship of the Internet)
  • Protecting the transfer of personal data from interception, hacker attacks.

Users pay attention in a review to both technical characteristics, ease of use. Here are several review criteria by which consumer can choose the appropriate VPNs:

  • Good reputation & transparency.
  • Security.
  • Stability of connection.
  • Speed.
  • The number of servers.
  • Active technical support.
  • The available number of connections.
  • Supported device types.
  • Geographical diversity.

A separate factor is the price of the issue. Users do not want to overpay, so they read VPN review services & pay attention to the cost. The top company Hotspot Shield is coping with almost all requirements without problems.

Hotspot Shield Pros

The company offers a secure, convenient product with unlimited traffic & anti-virus protection. It is notable for its patented technology VPN Hydra. Hotspot Shield found lag & efficiency challenges with IPSec/OpenVPN protocols. Developers created patented Catapult Hydra to improve VPN latency issues. Catapult Hydra provides different algorithms to form the tunnel. Also accomplish authentication, set connections, load data exchange inside the tunnel. Hotspot Shield achieved considerable efficiency advantages. The VPN doesn’t change the encryption way but provides a faster technology. Hydra transfers fewer data in the tunnel. That’s why Hotspot Shield VPN review services are at the leader position. 

There are several significant advantages our review has identified:

  • Paid and free versions. Not all services offer a free version. Users do not want to overpay. But should prepare for certain restrictions.
  • 45 -day money-back guarantee. Perhaps this is the longest period on the market. There are no problems with money-return.
  • Easy to install and use. No technical skills required. Any user can download and install Hotspot Shield in minutes.
  • Additional firewall. It automatically blocks any malware or viruses.
  • Connect up to 5 devices. The application is compatible with Mac OS / X, Windows, iPhone, iPad Touch, iPhone, Android & Kindle.

Every VPN has its strengths and weaknesses. Your review depends on your own acceptable ratio.

Hotspot Shield Cons

A famous story happened with Hotspot Shield. During the research, experts found some vulnerabilities that could lead to IP addresses leakage. Hotspot Shield’s vulnerabilities were found in the Chrome browser extension.

They were formed during the processing of automatic configuration of scripts using a proxy server. Due to these gaps, you can identify the user’s IP addresses and DNS addresses. There is another vulnerability allowed an attacker to intercept. Redirection of web traffic to a proxy server by tricking the Hotspot Shield user into a malicious link. At this point, Hotspot Shield limitations have already been solved. The developers state that they affect only the browser extension.

The shortcomings are the following:

  • List of servers. Hotspot does not publish the list of servers for reasons of security and confidentiality.
  • VPN works on the entire system. Some users prefer a secured connection only for the browser.
  • Support. Live chat & email support work with delays.

Any work should be paid. Buying a package of Hotspot Shield VPN services, you get a number of advantages. So what is the essential difference?

Free Version vs Paid

Hotspot Shield gives access to servers in 25 countries. The free version restricts connections only to servers located in the USA. You also cannot connect to Netflix. As well as other streaming services using the free version of the application. Traffic is limited to 500 MB. Hotspot Shield provides high-speed connections, but the speed of the free version is not enough for watching videos.


The speed determines how fast you download the content and transmit it. If you work with torrent files, it’s better when the speed of the VPN connection is approximately equal to the speed of your Internet connection. Keep in mind that torrent files are quite large and the Hotspot Shield free version limits up to 500 MB.

Hotspot Shield Help Center answers unambiguously that VPN is friendly with torrenting on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms. Hotspot Shield is responsible for protecting your torrent downloads and conducts a clear security policy in relation to torrent. There are additional features that make torrents safer, faster, etc. (Kill Switch, p2p-optimized servers, SOCKS5). Hotspot Shield does not provide additional options (only Kill Switch), but they are permitted.

Privacy Policy

Security and confidentiality are the fundamental principles of VPN services. Many Hotspot Shield VPN review services question the reliability of personal data protection. Privacy Policy indicates that the Hotspot Shield collects & reviews two types of information:

  1. Which a user independently provides on his own
  2. Information about a specific device, hardware model, operating system version, language, network information. It never registers or stores your IP address to get an approximate location. When you connect to the VPN, it encrypts your IP address immediately. We store it only for the duration of the session. The IP address is not associated with your actions on the Internet. We delete it after disconnecting from the VPN.


Although the company claims that it does not collect data about users, such information is questionable. The privacy policy allows for the collection of information for better provision. Part of the data provides advertising. Even partial use of logs raises concerns about anonymity.


Hotspot Shield provides unlimited VPN opportunities with zero customer support. Hotspot Shield Help Center offers informative articles about any possible difficulties. Unlike many VPN services, the number of sections and the richness of responses to possible malfunctions really impress.

However, Life Chat brings the product closer to the customer. It is just missing. Any user requests will be processed with the help of the support ticket. Waiting for an answer may be delayed for days. Solving problems quickly and efficiently is not about Hotspot Shield.

In this review, we are all looking for the perfect provider. Hotspot Shield has pros and cons in its work. However, the reputation of it is not disputable. In addition, Hotspot Shield server has repeatedly undermined our confidence by data leakage and logging. The main task of a VPN is to ensure the security and anonymity of the connection. But every user sets his own priorities of safety and comfort.

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