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TunnelBear VPN Review


  • User-friendly interface
  • Decent speeds
  • 5 simultaneous devices
  • Free trial package available
  • Cross-platform solution for Windows, iOS, Android, Mac


  • No Money Back Guarantee
Price: $5 a month
Good for:

Technical Features

  • Max devices supported: 5
  • Number of IP addresses: -
  • Number of servers: 1000
  • Number of server locations: 22

First time here? Have no experience with good TunnelBear VPN review services? You may not be aware that there are lots of professional reviews/tests/apps about using OpenVPN. Server providers do a lot about making this a safer place to watch something for data search, communication.

It is the main point they make to create a system used to add security, protection, open systems similar to public networks. Wi-Fi spots that you use on some devices or with DNS. TunnelBear is here to help you. Such servers are utilized by organizations to secure some touchy information. Utilizing an individual TunnelBear with no restrictions is becoming indeed more mainstream as more VPN associations appear.

Device & data protection is expanded because of the people’s underlying IP address. It is supplanted with the one from the supplier. Supporters create IP addresses of any small location or country (Japan or Guatemala). There are a lot of TunnelBear VPN review services as well to help you decide.

General overview

tunnellbearSome excellent reviews from experts in the field say that there are many more advantages to a server than disadvantages. Here are some:

  • Access forbidden data the global network offers (streaming music, an app, a file, BBC iPlayer,  an apps’ account government plans to block & lots more) from anywhere in the world. For example, you have a business trip to Asia. You need illegal company content that is to view in those countries. In this case, you can look up  TunnelBear VPN review services and connect.
  • TunnelBear enables you to change your locations, makes a tech illusion of you being in another country; this can open up a radical new universe of outcomes.
  • It keeps users secure when you connect. These days, we aren’t paying attention to the continuous sending of individual data over the web, which is secure without even batting an eye & we need to protect it. Whether you’re signing into your financial account or merely having a quick private chat with your closest relatives, you don’t need anybody snooping on you. The product is tested, easy-to-use & reliable.
  • These connections can save the money of a user. Numerous online business sites show expensive costs to a customer from various nations — an item that may appear to be extremely costly. If you’re getting to a webpage from Norway, it may all of a sudden drop in cost if you get to a similar website through a server in India.
  • There are lots of protecting VPN review services & similar websites which help you to consider the great benefits of it & give you the possibility to view & check your service.

TunnelBear says there are different free benefits out there & you should remember that the price is never precisely huge. It is paid in one or another way to maintain technical support. You generally wind up paying somehow, including Internet traffic, constrained information exchange, months or days subscription to sign up, etc.

Privacy policy

tunnelbear interfaceBefore you turn to the question of how to use VPN in the way it is secure & promises the guard over your data, let us talk about privacy settings. Security is the primary motivation behind why enterprises have utilized the server for quite a long time. There are progressively straightforward techniques to catch information. Wi-Fi is the simplest way to hack data. A helpful sign is that a firewall secures your data on the computer & this world company ensures your safe access to the web.

You may know the fact that VPNs utilize propelled encryption conventions & secure procedures to epitomize every single online data exchange. Most insightful TunnelBear clients that leave reviews wouldn’t dream of interfacing with the Internet without a firewall & an antivirus. TunnelBear VPN service review is a basic need for users, that’s why we provide a comment from TunnelBear experts in here.

Torrent compatibility

The VPN service review of TunnelBear says that VPN is the fastest tool for dealing with torrents. As TunnelBear stated, be that as it may: no security apparatus is impenetrable. On paper, express VPN ought to keep your ISP from seeing your activity as it streams over the web. You don’t need to pay the unlimited cost.

It is a particular TunnelBear case to follow. Over & over, a client makes mistakes & tries by law authorization to undermine the security offered by our TunnelBear administrations, Tor, or VPNs.

TOR compatibility 

Tunnelbear supports torrenting and TOR, short for The Onion Router, an encrypted and private browser. Not many people use TOR, but it is believed to provide an additional layer of security. However, it may not offer the same speed as traditional browsers.

Logs/servers & how to use them?

Are you able to read simple logs the services offer? Here are a small guide & protocols to use:

  1. Get to the main home settings of your computer (whether it is Android mobile, Linux, Windows, or Mac iOS).
  2. Find the “Fix,” “Manage,” options.
  3. You will set the “Windows/IOS Logging” option where you can go to the “Application.”
  4. Locate the single simultaneous, user-friendly local log found on the Web.

TunnelBear says all the processes do not restrict you. It means you do not need to do a setup or download anything, or to switch connected routers, etc.

Customer support

Several dedicated companies guarantee a money-back option. A choice to read their software protocol of the latest version & live policy, share their specific tech activity & some limited or detailed results. They also provide you with the list of strategies & have a proper administration that supports you in many issues. Are you still wondering how to enable your computer to use VPN? The TunnelBear support team is here to help you & show how it works, with a full TunnelBear browsing test.

The principle doesn’t seem awkward or encrypted. You write to the TunnelBear team that you have some issues & they give some other active virtual ways of solving them. These might be problems with: payment, fundamental rights, choosing a product or a browser for VPN, ISP systems, PPTP, terms, free trial extensions & average factors influencing the browsing process (if you select Chrome or any other browser from a long list), running CyberGhost, high or rather affordable ratings & any other connected points.

Pricing and plans 

There is a free package with a 500mb limit that may not be enough for most users. For a better experience, consider one of the following two paid options:

Giant: It costs $9.99 per month and comes with unlimited data. 

Grizzly: It costs $4.99 per month (billed $59.99 annually) and comes with unlimited data

Both plans offer priority customer support and the ability to connect up to five devices. 

The yearly package can be a good option if you are sure of using the tool as it will save you 50%. However, you will have to pay upfront. It is very important because the company does not offer refunds. We suggest that you first use the free tool to know how it works before moving to a paid version.

Is Tunnelbear safe?

Yes, it is. TunnelBear offers the highest level of security – 256-bit AES protection. It is the same level of security that the US military uses. 

In addition to this, it offers secure Crucial Diffie-hellman exchange and reliable data authentication to ensure you are connected to the right server. We also liked the VigilantBear feature that’s a different name for the kill-switch feature. It provides you to remain secure even if the connection drops.

The server can detect both IPV6 and DNS leaks, as proven in a test by Hackernoon. However, that isn’t the only concern of users when they connect to a VPN. Some VPNs are infamous for sharing personal data of users, indulging in keylogging, and bandwidth selling. However, such is not the case with Tunnelbear.

But, how does Tunnelbear work to ensure the safety of your data? It takes great pride in being the only VPN provider to have been audited by an independent firm. Rest assured, your private data and identity will remain private.

Do we recommend Tunnelbear? 

Is Tunnelbear good? Without a doubt.  It does everything that a VPN is supposed to do. Plus, it even has a free version. We suggest you get your hands on this VPN if you’re serious about online security.


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