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How to Hide Your IP (Free and Paid Ways)

Your IP address is mostly traced by search engines like Google, and by other websites when you use their services. Not just that, even third-parties can track it. Finding the methods to hide it? This guide will help you out.

What’s an IP Address? 👀

An IP address or the internet protocol address is the digital identity of a device connected to the internet. It is the combination of a unique string of numbers and is different for every device.

For example, suppose you are working in your office and there are 10 computers connected to the same WiFi network. If you happen to check the IP address, you will have 10 different combinations, each indicating a different device. To put it this way, an IP address helps identify a particular device connected to the network. 

You can also consider an IP address to be the return address of your device in the network. Let’s say, you initiate a request to visit a website. The information is sent to the server with your IP address. The response sent by the server locates the device (from a hub of other devices) through the IP address. 

Why Would You Need to Hide Your IP Address? 👩‍🚀

Now if an IP address is important to send and receive information from the server, one question that arises here is why hide the IP address? 

As stated, an IP address is unique for every device, announcing it globally to everyone makes your device vulnerable to hacks and attacks. In other words, it reveals your physical location. Hiding your IP address will help you stick to your anonymity and doesn’t threaten your presence over the web. For example, if you want to use academic help on websites like writemypaper4me.org.

In addition to the above, IP addresses play an important role in marketing services. What the marketers do is they track the location of the customers through the IP address and use it to pitch customized ads promoting the sale of the same. While this benefits them to a great extent, it does no good for you. 

Much in the same way, the airline industry tracks user location to modify their pricing. While you might have no idea but this causes an upsurge in the rates and proves fatal for you. Hence, the need for hiding your IP address.

4 Best Ways to Hide IP Address 🧚‍♂️

Now that you are convinced of the idea of hiding your device’s IP address, we move to how you can hide the same. Here, we outline four different ways through which the IP address can be masked preserving your online anonymity. 

Without much ado, let’s get started. 

Use a VPN to Hide Your IP Address 🗣

The best and the most efficient way to hide an IP address is through a VPN. As the name suggests, VPN stands for a virtual private network. It masks the original IP address providing a different alternative. VPNs are safe, secured, and reliable. Most organizations use a VPN to hide their network address, keeping it free from hacks and attacks. 

Using a VPN is easy and as soon as you activate the same, a virtual IP address takes over. The next time you send a request to the server, it is your virtual address that pops up. If you sign up with the top VPN service providers, odds are that have a global IP address. The main advantage of hiding an IP address is the accelerated speed with end-to-end encryption. 

How to Hide Your IP Address with a VPN 🧑🏻‍🦱

Wondering which app to consider when looking for VPN services?

VeePN app is one of the best software for hiding the IP address. It takes less than five minutes to set up and is compatible with all types of devices. As a matter of fact, it has a one-touch interface that facilitates the setup of the software. 

veepn login

It has more than 2500 servers distributed across the globe, providing top quality connection and performance. Download the application and get started with hiding your IP address today. 

Step 1: Choose a VPN service provider.

So, the first thing you need to do is to select the ideal service provider. As evident, we recommend you the VeePN app for the VPN services. 

Step 2: Install the VPN.

Check the pricing plans of your chosen VPN and select the one that suits your requirement. For example, for people going ahead with VeePN, here is the VeePN pricing page. Once finalized, make the purchase.

☝️VeePN allows you to make payments through different payment methods.

Just enter all your personal details → select the appropriate payment method → set a password (even though you can stick to the system-generated one, it is best to have a custom-fit password for the account).

→ Save the activation code and finally → click on download now to start the installation process. 

Step 3: Activate the VPN. 

Now that you have a VPN downloaded and installed → click open the application → paste the activation code.

You are now all set to use the application. Click on the power button to automatically connect the VPN. Note that you can manually select a location for the VPN if required. 

Use a Proxy Server – An Easy IP Hide Method 🦸🏻‍♂️

Proxies are another way of hiding your VPN address. Now the best thing about the proxy server is that they allow you to access geo-restricted content.

Consider that you are located in India and you wish to visit a website that is restricted to people in the US. Now, if you try to open the website, you would receive a message stating that you aren’t eligible to access the content. 

Using a proxy server here will help in the sense that when you send a request to the server, before reaching the destination, it would intercept the request and replace the IP with that of the US. This way you have access to the geo-restricted content.

Use the Tor Browser – Your ‘Hide IP Address Browser’ 🤴🏻

Tor browser is one that routes the request to a series of networks thereby mixing all the addresses. It becomes impossible for someone to trace the IP address of the original network.

In other words, the tor browser directs traffic through an array of servers. In case you are looking for a free solution, the tor browser is the best bet. 

hide IP for free

If you are using an iPhone, you may download the Onion browser to hide IP address iPhone. It is powered by Tor.

And if you want to hide IP address Android, Tor Browser is available in the Google Play Store directly.

Use Public Wi-Fi 🧝🏻‍♀️

Another way of masking your original IP address is by using public WiFi. Whenever you connect your device to the home network, it is the network that provides you the IP address.

Instead of using your original network, it is best to use public WiFi and prevent someone from tracking your location. 

How to Check Your IP Adress for Free 🏂🏻

The best way to check your IP address is through an IP checking tool. It automatically finds the IP address, but if your IP is masked, it won’t show the details. There are a number of IP checker tools: Whatismyipaddress and Whatismyip are two reliable tools for this purpose.

Alternatively, you may google ‘check my ip’ and see if the top widget in the search results return your IP. If not, your IP is masked.


Does Incognito Mode Hide IP?

The biggest misconception, incognito mode doesn’t hide the IP address. For example, if you will ask if incognito tab hide my IP Chrome, the answer would be NO. It only prevents other users from seeing your activities. However, the websites have total say over your online activities. 

How to Hide IP Address without a VPN?

There are multiple ways of hiding the IP address without a VPN. You can either use a proxy server or use a tor browser or even resort to public WiFi.

Do I Need to Hide My IP When Torrenting?

It is preferred that you do so. In the case of copyrighted content’s torrenting you need to be more careful, as it is illegal in most of the countries now. Hiding IP address becomes essential in this case. 

How Do I Hide My IP Address When Torrenting?

To hide IP torrent users can choose the best VPNs for torrenting with specific servers and no log policy.

How to Hide Your IP Address on Windows 10?

Pick a good VPN for Windows and start utilizing it, or you may download a browser like Tor Browser that gives surety of hidden IPs for its users. Proxy server and public Wi-Fi makes other two good choices for this purpose.

How to Hide Your IP Address on Mac? 

Tor Browser can be downloaded using Safari and used on Mac. It will keep your IP hidden while you use the internet. alternatively, you may use reliable VPN services, in case you want to hide your IP on Mac for torrenting, streaming or similar purposes. You might think of using proxy servers for hiding your IP while using Mac.

Does a VPN Hide My IP?

Absolutely, yes. In fact, it is the best IP hide method. There are several trusted VPNs that you may use for hiding your IP during your browsing sessions. VeePN is just one of the options in this category. 


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