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Cybersecurity Threats That Can Ruin Your Internet Experience

Cyber internet security concept. GDPR and cybersecurity. Protection of private personal data. A person using internet on laptop on the background.The internet is a vast place where billions of people connect to do business or get the information they need. However, it’s full of hackers and risks most people are unaware of. Anyone can be a cybercriminal or a victim of all kinds of information theft that can turn out to be very costly.

We put this article together to warn you about the latest cybersecurity threats you are probably not even aware of.

We will answer questions like what is the most common threat to information security in an organization, and what is the most significant lack of awareness from users that creates cybersecurity threats. 

Millions of people had issues with information theft or a cyberattack on their devices.

You should know everything you can about the latest cybersecurity threats to protect yourself and make sure that you don’t become a victim of ransomware, phishing, and other attacks. Without further ado, here are the most common things to look out for. 

No escaping human nature

You might wonder about what is the most common threat to information security in an organization?

The short answer is — human nature. People are the only reason why cybersecurity is even an issue. Thieves have realized that they steal information and funds with a cyberattack or a hack, without getting caught. 

Information can make a lot of money, and that is what drives these internet thieves to find new ways of stealing it.

There are all kinds of threats to data security you have to be aware of to prevent hackers from exploiting your hard work. It’s hard to say what is more important for cybersecurity professionals to focus on threats or vulnerabilities, but the danger is ever-present.

Possible solution

Getting a VPN like NordVPN  or Cyberghost is always a good idea because it enables you to hide your original IP from the attackers. 

Malware attacks

Unsecured Virus Detected Hack Unsafe ConceptMalware attacks have been around for decades. They are created and run by experienced cybercriminals who compete with anti-virus protection and always seem to be in the lead. Malware is dangerous because it’s distributed through all kinds of methods, and many users are completely unaware of their presence. Malware can steal datum from cloud services, android devices, your internet provider, and any other device you can think of. 

Possible solution

You have to do everything you can to protect your Windows and system, as well as every device.

Keep your anti-virus and anti-malware software updated and limit user access and app privileges when you can. 

Also keep a detailed eye on every VPN you choose, as some of them, as VyprVPN might have pitfalls.

Corporate leaks and data breaches 

Third-party companies dealing with internet security can no longer be trusted. The massive scandals about information theft in the last few years have proven that you shouldn’t trust anyone to keep you safe. Massive data breaches happened to some of the biggest companies in the world, and millions of people were affected by those happenings. 

The changing rules of the game led to the implementation of the two-factor authentication, which is designed to battle computer security threats. But even that is not enough. Reddit’s 2FA was compromised, exposing millions of users who prefer to stay anonymous.

The biggest corporations, such as Equifax, FedEx, Target, and even the Department of Homeland Security, are unable to keep user data safe from hackers. The risk is ever-present as the criminals keep improving their methods. In support of that, Data Basix states that since the Covid-19 outburst and a massive increase in remote work, there was a 630% increase in cloud-based attacks between January and April 2020. To ensure your corporate data is encrypted while working remotely, we recommend using work from home software.


Digital crime by an anonymous hackerEven cryptocurrency isn’t safe from hackers. Crypto-jacking is a process where criminals steal your currency without you even knowing. This form of cyberattacks saw a massive spike in 2019, and it targets phones and computers used for mining. The jackers inject scripts into fake websites, and their tools attach to your system, taking over the mining process.

Everything you mine will be transferred straight to the pockets of the cybercriminal behind the script. Computers that run on Windows are the easiest to access.

Possible solution

Ensure that your system has the latest updates and get some high-end anti-virus software to minimize the chances of crypto-jacking. You can also install a VPN to hide your original IP address and increase your security. However, always make sure whether it is legal to use a VPN in your country


Hacking is another method used by internet thieves for a long time. They target weak points within the Internet of Things when you share information, passwords, credit card numbers, and other data online.

Possible solution

You can minimize the risk by not sharing private information online. If you work as a service provider, limit datum sharing, and take extra measures to keep the sensitive data hidden from your employee network.

Internet of Things (IoT) attacks

Cloud storage communication with computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone in home or work network. Online devices upload, download information, data in database on cloud services. Isometric concept.IoT attacks are terrifying because more and more devices are connected to the internet. IoT attacks can target all your devices, including household appliances, webcams, smartwatches, computers, and even medical equipment. Any device that connects to the internet is at risk. 

IoT attacks saw a 300% surge in 2019, and they will only get worse. Once your device gets attacked, the hackers take complete control and hold your data hostage. They can also disable equipment remotely or overload a network whenever they want.

Possible solution

Protect yourself by creating a complex password for your router and keep your devices up to date. Get the right VPN to increase your security further. 

Medical record and healthcare device hacks

Believe it or not, many cyberattacks target healthcare provides. Thieves steal patient data and medical records stored by hospitals on online servers. The hackers steal enormous amounts of data gaining private information from millions of people. This is perhaps one of the most worrying forms of cyberattacks, right next to phishing and ransomware.

Cloud ransomware

Cyber security and information or network protection. Future technology web services for business and internet projectStoring data on various clouds has become a regular thing for most internet users. However, hackers will try to target your online data with ransomware attacks all the time. The first cloud ransomware, called Petya, was detected in 2017. It allowed cybercriminals to access any remote storage network. It was distributed through corrupted Dropbox files, and it quickly evolved into an unstoppable threat to data security.

Small Cloud storage companies are under constant risk of getting compromised by ransomware. The software corrupts files and blocks users from accessing their data until they pay the ransom.

Possible solution

We advise you to find a reputable provider with unbreakable encryption. Forget about cheap deals and unknown providers.


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