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VyprVPN Review


  • Kill Switch
  • No bandwidth limitation 
  • Chameleon protocol 
  • Nat firewall


  • No anonymous payment
  • Discouraging torrenting policy
Price: $2.50 a month
Good for:

Technical Features

  • Max devices supported: 5
  • Number of IP addresses: 200000
  • Number of servers: 691
  • Number of server locations: 70

What is VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers.

The company is based in Switzerland, a country that cherishes online privacy laws and doesn’t easily submit to foreign pressures.

It is a no-log company with public audits that prove their no-log practices. 

VyprVPN is owned by Golden Frog, a company that has been involved in developing security and privacy solutions since the worldwide web became a thing.

VyprVPN performance & speed review

The first important thing everyone wants to know about a VPN is its speed.

We decided to test this VPN with both of its nearby servers in Europe and those in North America. 

vyprvpn speed 1

When we ran the tests with the servers nearby, we got some excellent speed results. Here are the speeds we got for EU servers. 

vyprvpn speed 1

And the results we got for using North American servers. 

vyprvpn speed 3

Now, we tested a lot of different VPNs up until now, and we haven’t seen this kind of performance.

However, these are the best results we got from the multiple times we ran each server. Bear in mind that speeds will fluctuate, so don’t expect to have this kind of performance all the time. 

However, even though the performance fluctuates, it’s really good overall.

We noticed 3 significant things during our tests: 

  1. Connections were fast, even during fluctuations.
  2. There were no buffering, time out, or dropped connection issues. 
  3. Reliable connection overall. 

In the end, VyprVPN doesn’t offer the best performance possible, but it’s a trustworthy VPN service that gets the job done well. 

Does VyprVPN keep logs? 

The company published its no logs policy publicly, proving that the company does no logs.

In the past, the company didn’t have a clear no-log policy, but they adopted one in 2018.

VyprVPN started working together with a company called Leviathan Security Group to transform into a no logs VPN provider. 

The company also has a privacy policy that explains its position on the issue.

They claim that they are a zero log company that doesn’t retain or record any user data. 

Is VyprVPN safe?

vyprvpn safety

VyprVPN performed well in various security & privacy tests we did, and we can assure that it can save you from multiple cyber attacks.

We did some of the most common VPN tests on different OSs, including Windows, Android, and Mac. 

We found a lot of comments online saying that this VPN doesn’t protect IPv6.

It’s all a hoax, as our tests concluded that it offers protection against IPv4, IP6, and DNS leaks.

Additionally, the kill switch is also really good, and it blocks all non-VPN traffic

Furthermore, we discovered the official changelog from 2015 that states the company added IPv6 blocking

VyprVPN compatibility

VyprVPN is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac operating systems.

It also comes with an app for both Android and iOS mobile users.

The windows client has been updated recently to make it easier to use and have a more transparent interface. 

Clients on other operating systems have also been made similar to the windows version.

Phone apps are identical, and they share the same commands as the windows client. 

If your device is set to connect automatically to an unprotected Wi-Fi, the app will make the device connect through a VPN automatically. 

VyprVPN pricing and plans

VyprVPN has three different premium plans.

It also has a baseline package that gives up to three connections and costs $9.95 per month.

However, it doesn’t have the Chameleon protocol. There are 3 premium plans depending on how long they last:  

  • The monthly plan is billed every month and costs $12.95 
  • The yearly plan is billed each 12 months and costs $3.75 per month 
  • The 2-year plan is billed $60 every 2 years, and it costs $2.50 per month

However, the site offers various discounts, so make sure to stick around and be patient to grab an even better offer.

At the same time, VyprVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so even if you don’t like their service, you can cancel your subscription. 

Netflix & other streaming services 

vyprvpn netflix

A lot of customers are interested in streaming platforms and blocked sites when looking for a VPN.

That’s why we tested VyprVPN with some of the most popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube content blocked for users from certain countries.

With Netflix, we got mixed results. 

Netflix is putting in a lot of effort into blocking users, and there are a few VPN services suitable for the Netflix platform.

We were able to access Netflix UK, Germany, and Canada.

Still, you should make sure to ask the customer support which servers you should use to access Netflix in specific countries

For us, the BBC iPlayer worked without any hiccups, and all the blocked YouTube content was unblocked quickly by VyprVPN. 

Torrenting policy 

VyprVPN isn’t considered to be in the top list of VPN services for torrenting.

However, it has changed a lot in the last couple of years, and this also includes their torrenting policy.

The company has officially stated that they don’t interfere with anyone’s privacy and allow any kind of traffic, including BitTorrenting traffic or peer-to-peer.

VPN doesn’t perform any actions based on DMCA notices.

That’s because the company doesn’t collect any logs which could lead to copyright infringement discoveries.

Simply put, they’ve found a way to bypass copyright claims neatly and don’t have any obligation to enforce them with their users. 

Do they offer good customer support?

In the past, VyprVPN has been scrutinized hundreds of times for its poor customer support.

Their customer support was unresponsive, and in many cases, they weren’t able to help their users in any way.

At the moment, the site has detailed articles where users can find a lot of useful information. 

They also offer live chat support where you have to wait a maximum of half an hour for someone to talk to you.

On top of that, you can also send emails to ask questions, and you can expect 24-hour responses. 

Final verdict 

To sum it up, this VPN has no data access limits, offers DNS protection, Chameleon protocol, and Netflix streaming.

All of this while giving reliable performance. 

Although they claim that they don’t do data logging, there is something shady about their policy.  

From our side, we’d like better to recommend Cyberghost VPN or Ivacy VPN. To find more reviews, click here.


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