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Ivacy VPN Review


  • Zero logs
  • Complete privacy
  • Cheap price


  • Only 30-days money back guarantee
Price: $2.25 a month
Good for:

Technical Features

  • Max devices supported: 5
  • Number of IP addresses: 12000
  • Number of servers: 275
  • Number of server locations: 100

Ivacy VPN is a  cheap VPN service that prides itself on being an award-winning service that can keep you safe while surfing the Internet. It also states that you get legal unlimited options when it comes to streaming and downloading.

It sounds like it’s perfect for all seeking to become VPN users. But how good are they? How is Ivacy as a VPN?

In this article, we wanted to take a deeper dive into this VPN service to give you a final verdict that will satisfy all users. Let’s take a look:

What is Ivacy VPN, and what does it offer?

Ivacy is one of the top cheapest VPN services that offers almost all features users need from a VPN for virtually no money at all. 

It contributes to protect you online and give you unlimited access to streaming services across the globe. 

You can protect up to 5 devices at the same time, which may be the industry standard, but it’s still a bargain for a VPN service that costs as little as Ivacy does.

How do I use Ivacy VPN?

ivacy freedom

If you’re wondering how to set up Ivacy VPN, you’ll be glad to know that this service is straightforward to install and use, so there is no need to focus on explaining it.

Once you purchase their services, you get a regular app to install that’s very easy to use as far as VPNs go.  Plus, everything is exceptionally user-friendly.

The service is optimized for both advanced users and novice VPN users.

What are the main features of Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy has all the essential features every VPN service should have and several advanced features:

  • It protects your IP address at all times with advanced security features;
  • Gives you access to a wide variety of content worldwide that are otherwise limited due to censorships and geo-limitations;
  • Their split tunneling technology which they created and which allows users to decide for themselves which traffic goes through an ISP and which  is protected by Ivacy through a dedicated IP address;
  • A standard Internet kill switch that offers thorough leak protection;
  • Adequate malware protection that keeps your devices and email address safe.

Speed test and performance of Ivacy

ivacy vpn speed

We conducted a few simple tests to see how Ivacy dedicated IP addresses work, and we have to say that we are delighted with the results.

Naturally, the speeds are not tremendously high, at least when we compare them with what you get from the top VPN services in the world.

However, since Ivacy is significantly cheaper, these speeds are more than high for the price.

Security: Which encryption methods and protocols are used?

Ivacy uses 256-bit encryption, which is your standard military-grade encryption every VPN service should have.

They also use several protocols that ensure a safe VPN connection, and yes, you can opt for the industry-standard OpenVPN protocol.

How good is Ivacy’s privacy and logging policy?

We can safely say that Ivacy has the best privacy policy out there. Everything a VPN user needs to know is spelled out on their site, so you know exactly what to expect.

They collect zero logs and keep the minimum amount of personal data from you to provide the service they do. That’s far better than most other competitors do.

How compatible is Ivacy?

Ivacy is compatible with almost every device on the market, which includes Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, routers, smart TVs, PlayStation, and Xbox.

How much does Ivacy VPN cost?

ivacy pricing

With its low price of $2.25 per month for a 2-year plan, Ivacy is one of the cheapest players on the market.

They also offer:

  • regular monthly plan – $7.50,
  • 1-year plan – $3.50 per month, 
  • 6-month plan – $4.33 per month,

Furthermore, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Unfortunately, this refund has a catch. If you use more than 500 MB of bandwidth while using the VPN, you will not be able to get your money back.

You can use almost any payment method as Ivacy offers plenty of options, including several cryptocurrencies.

Ivacy VPN Lifetime Subscription Review

A lifetime subscription is usually offered, and you can get it for around $60.  It includes all of the features Ivacy has, including unblocked primary streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and many others across all major regions.

Does Ivacy work for Torrents?

Yes, it does, and if you want to learn how to set up Ivacy VPN for torrents, you can refer to their guide.

How to watch US Netflix with Ivacy VPN?

ivacy streaming

Unlike many VPNs that claim to give you access to regional Netflix accounts, with Ivacy you can change Netflix regions to watch your favorite TV show.

When we tested it, the whole process was easy as the app asks you everything and gives you all the information you need to establish a connection.

Additionally, you can also use other streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer,  Amazon Prime, Disney+, and many others.

Should you use Ivacy?

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to some major VPN clients, then Ivacy VPN should be your first choice.

With all the many advanced features they offer, no logs policy, high speeds for the price, access to all primary streaming services, and more, we recommend you use Ivacy VPN.


Where is Ivacy VPN based?

Ivacy VPN is based in the remote city-state of Singapore, which has been its home since 2007. Singapore is known for being an economic powerhouse, though they do face some censorships from time to time. So, unfortunately, their headquarters don’t offer complete security, but you will be glad to know that this hasn’t caused us problems while using Ivacy.

Ivacy has a staggering 275 servers in over 100 countries, so you can be sure that there will be no lags while using this VPN.

Is Ivacy VPN Free?

Unfortunately no.  However, they do offer  Ivacy Lite version that’s entirely free and still provides a lot of features.

Is Ivacy VPN Safe?

Judging from that we’ve seen in our thorough Ivacy VPN review; the service is entirely entirely safe to use. Every time you connect to the VPN server, it’s a smooth ride from thereon.

How good is Ivacy customer service?

We rarely expect excellent customer service from VPNs, but Ivacy was a pleasant surprise.  The support their agents provide is unique, and their responses come quickly, much faster than you expect. Thes aren’t as detailed in their responses as we would like, but we can’t complain as their service is excellent overall.


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