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Windscribe VPN Review


  • Free version available
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Torrenting allowed
  • Works with Netflix
  • Outstanding customer support


  • Using “bots” for support
  • Not all servers are available in free version
Price: $4.08 a month
Good for:

Technical Features

  • Max devices supported: -
  • Number of IP addresses: -
  • Number of servers: 480
  • Number of server locations: 58

Windscribe is a Canada-based and highly secure VPN service provider that gives its users unlimited access to the Internet.

In this review, we will explain this VPN’s features, answer some of the questions you might have, as well as give you our Windscribe VPN rating and opinion on this VPN provider and its customer support.

Windscribe VPN Speeds

Windscribe VPN allows its users to browse the Internet safely and access region-locked content by connecting you to several servers in over 100 server locations. 

It comes as a desktop app, browser extension, and it is also a great VPN for Android

When we tested the connection bandwidth for this review using the browser extension, we didn’t notice a considerable change in the Internet speed.

This is possible because Windscribe has servers in over 60 countries and more than 100 cities, so the service connects you to your nearest VPN server. 

The average speed on the US server was 26.22 Mbps:

US speed Windscribe

After connecting to a server in the UK, the average speed was 30.28 Mbps:

UK server

3.77 Mbps is shown on a server in Germany:

EU server

On a Windscribe server in Japan, the average connection speed was 9.63 Mbps:

Japanese server

Performance ‒ Does Windscribe Keep Logs?

No, it doesn’t. Windscribe VPN service never collects data such as users browsing history while connected to the VPN. It hides your IP address making your browsing anonymous and secure.

The kill switch acts as a firewall that drops the connection if your security somehow becomes compromised, while port forwarding can cut off unwanted access to the servers.

This login policy, however, allows the VPN service to calculate the monthly amount of bytes transferred and the timestamp of your last activity on the Windscribe network to prevent abuse and limit the usage of free service.


Windscribe VPN is available to all users, regardless of the device they’re using.

The desktop app can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, while browser extensions support Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Browser extensions also include phishing and malware blockers, as well as location and API spoofing.

Smartphone apps include both IKEv2 and OpenVPN support.

The newly developed iOS app contains network whitelisting and shortcuts for Siri, while the Android app supports split routing.

Since Windscribe supports an unlimited number of devices, you can live stream videos directly to your TV by installing VPN services on NVidia Shield, Kodi, and Amazon Fire TV.

Encryption and Protocols ‒ Is Windscribe Safe?

windscribe safetyWindscribe VPN service employs secure encryption for the safety of its users. For Windows client, Windscribe VPN service uses AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA keys.

In browser extensions, TLS 1.2, ECDHE_RSA with P-256 key exchange, and AES_128_GCM cipher are used for better data encryption.

Windscribe VPN, by default, uses the IKEv2 protocol that provides a secure VPN connection without sacrificing upload and download speeds.

This VPN service also provides WebRTC leak protection coupled with a kill switch that stops all internet traffic if the VPN connection drops for whatever reason.

webrtc leak test

Other features allow for the customization of your security, such as port forwarding, double hop, and split tunneling.

Windscribe Plans

Windscribe VPN comes in two versions — Windscribe Free and Windscribe Pro.

With monthly and yearly payment options available:

  • Monthly Plan — $9 per month
  • Yearly Plan — $4.08 per month
  • Build a Plan —  $0 per month

Windscribe Pro comes with features like:

  • Unlimited data
  • All server locations unlocked
  • Config generators that generate SOCKS, IKEv2
  • OpenVPN configs for several devices
  • A static IP

Also, the new “Build a Plan” option allows users to create their own paid plans.

Is Windscribe Free Safe?

Windscribe’s free plan is almost as safe and secure as paid plans.

There are fewer features and a data limit of 10GB per month, but when it comes to safety, the Windscribe VPN free plan includes a high level of security.

Streaming ‒ Does Windscribe VPN Work with Netflix and Torrent?

windscribe locations

If you are trying to watch region-locked content on Netflix and other streaming services using Windscribe Free, you are out of luck.

In recent years, streaming services caught wind of users trying to unblock Netflix content by using VPN services and developed an encryption system to put a stop to this.

Windscribe Pro, however, provides access to four of its VPN servers located in the US, Canada, UK, and Japan using Windflix, which means that users can access locked Netflix content.

Torrents and other kinds of peer-to-peer streaming aren’t allowed in many countries, but our review showed that Winscribe VPN users don’t have to worry about that.

Is Windscribe Good for Gaming?

When playing a geo-restricted game, the main issue you can encounter is high ping.

Since servers for those games are usually hosted in countries far from your location, many VPN providers have trouble providing their users with a stable connection.

As mentioned before in this review, Windscribe VPN for gaming doesn’t affect your connection speed much.

Port forwarding, the kill switch feature, encryption, and IKEv2 protocol provide a secure connection and malware protection.

The unlimited data plan can also be beneficial since users who use VPN for online gaming burn trough those free gigabytes very fast.

Customer Support

Other than the usual ticket system that can be found on the Windscribe website, the customer service has a live chat service called Gary.

This bot can help users solve many issues they encounter.

If the question is too complicated, users will be automatically redirected to a live chat team that is responsive, helpful, and friendly.

If talking to the customer support team isn’t your thing, there’s no need to worry.

We’ve found a plethora of information on the website’s FAQ page, a searchable knowledge base, and even blog posts that can provide the users with the answers to their questions.

Final Verdict ‒ Is Windscribe a Good VPN?

Our review shows that Windscribe VPN is currently one of the best VPN services on the market.

There’s a free plan, secure encryption, a static IP address, a significant number of servers, and excellent customer service, which is why we highly recommend this VPN service.


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